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How can I know that your products are certified and top quality?
The name MINOS NIK MOURTZAKIS KONSTANTINOS has for years been indissolubly connected with specialized and modern high-quality agricultural machinery. Our products meet all the legal requirements for a guarantee of good functioning and our upward course in the field, as well as the customers who have trusted us for 54 years, prove this. You can see our certifications here.


Is there a guarantee for the products?
Of course. At MINOS NIK MOURTZAKIS KONSTANTINOS we offer you all the guarantees provided by the regulations, while for any problem that you may encounter, our specialized personnel is always willing to serve you and provide you with all the appropriate information for the smooth operation of your machine.


Under what conditions does the warranty cover me?
MINOS NIK MOURTZAKIS KONSTANTINOS takes care of the safety of your machines, and covers you in the event of a damage or malfunction, if it is not due to incorrect handling. We offer you all the legal warranties indicated by the regulations, while we can replace all the parts of the product except tires and batteries. Third party guarantees are not recognized and are not in a position to replace ours.


Is there technical support for my machines?
Of course there is. At the MINOS NIK MOURTZAKIS KONSTANTINOS agricultural machinery company, we try to offer you fast and quality service of your products daily, using top quality spare parts.


Can I appeal to you to extend my machines with additional tools?
Yes you could. At MINOS NIK MOURTZAKIS KONSTANTINOS we take care to have at your disposal the maximum utilization of the capabilities of our machines. That's why you can expand our products with the addition of top extra tools.


Where can I be informed about your products?
For your better information you can download here our ever-renewing catalog. Although our list is renewed at regular times, if you experience any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In what ways could I contact you?
You can call us at +302810 380 912 or contact us via e-mail: or fax +302810 381 554.

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