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The MINOS NIK MOURTZAKIS KONSTANTINOS agricultural machinery factory was founded in 1963 in the industrial area of Heraklion and is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of agricultural machinery of its kind.

Over the years we have been able to develop a relationship of trust with our dealers and customers, making us a reliable company with a large network of partners

Our factory's performance is constantly improving by investing in quality and quantity. Quality in construction materials plays the most important role in machine durability and performance.

  • Staffed with qualified personnel.
  • Advanced technological equipment
  • Extensive distribution network
  • A large network of reliable vendors & dealers in Greece, Cyprus and Italy.


At MINOS NIK we maintain the high quality of our products in line with the immediate response to the ever-increasing needs of farmers.
Quality in construction materials plays the most important role in machine durability and performance.
Our priority is the customer's needs, enabling us as a factory with a flexible production line, to fully adapt to every small and great need.
We support and promote Greek production by selecting Greek materials and components for the machines we manufacture. We invest in quality and reliability for the best possible result on any equipment that bears our signature.
For 54 years, through uninterrupted information and research, we design for you a wide variety of modern agricultural machinery that is perfectly suited to your needs.
All our factory products are certified to comply with European Safety Regulations and are covered by a year warranty for good operation.
Our experienced and skilled staff is at your disposal to undertake technical coverage and support of high standards.




With dedication to excellent service and the best possible technical support, MINOS NIK MOURTZAKIS KONSTANTINOS works with a specialized network of dealers in Greece and Cyprus.

Pioneers, creative and eye-catching to the latest technologies, we're going to meet your needs one step further.

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